Loan Against Deposit

Demand Loans:

A demand loan is sanctioned for a period of 1 year and usually, it is demanded against bank’s FDRs / Recurring Deposit / LIC policy or Post Office Deposits e.g. NSCs / KVPs. It takes only minutes to sanction the loan.


Individuals, professionals/self employed persons and businessmen having deposit accounts with the bank. Loan will be available against the bank’s own FDRs, NSCs and LIC policies.


For personal or business needs.


At the discretion of the bank. At present no upper limit.


Sr. No Details Margin %
1 In case of FDRs/own deposit 10% of current value
2 In case of NSCs of less than 2 years old 20% of current value
3 In case of NSCs of more than 2 years old 15% of current value
4 In case of NSCs of more than 4 years old 10% of current value
5 In case of LIC policy 20% of surrender value


Maximum period 36 months or maturity of the security whichever is earlier.


Either in one lump sum or in installments as agreed upon between the bank and the borrower. However, in case of overdraft limit sanctioned against term deposit, outstanding in the account should remain within the limit sanctioned and interest should be served regularly.


As applicable on the date of sanction.


At least nominal membership required.


Pledge of the FDR, NSC or LIC policy required. In case of third party, the loan application will have to be signed by him also. However, no credit facility will be allowed against the FDR of other banks.

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